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Well here I am living in Japan. It's funny where life will take you. Ten years ago I would never had thought I would be living here in Japan.

    As my first experience here, I was so fortunate to have been able to gain employment with one of the Best Kindergartens here in Japan.That being the Kidu kindergarten in Ishikawa. Kidu has by far the warmest and brightest staff around, as well as headed by the best Boss you can imagine working for. I speak of Mr Noriuke Hoshina. Kendo Master, Beatles Fan and Avid accordion enthusiast.  He is a very unique individual. His life story and the history of his school should be put on film, as a documentary or docudrama.

   Kidu Kindergarten has a long history in that area of Ishikawa, and has enriched the children's lives academically, musically, spiritually, as well with giving them life experiences through fieldtrips to a variety of places, and many different activities.

   Though my contract with Kidu was short lived I will always cherish the time I spent there with the children and the staff, as well as Mr. Hoshina  and his Family.May he live to be a 100.

    Since then, I have now moved on to work at another school, but I will always remember Kidu as my first best Experience here in Japan as a teacher.

Donald K. Poage


This is Mr. Noriuke Hoshina
Click for his theme song


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